Mini Lops:

Miniature lops are one of the five main types of lop rabbits. Originating from the Netherlands, mini lops are the second smallest lop breed, and are usually around 2 pounds heavier than the smaller Holland Lops. Mini lops are often confused with Holland lops. While these two breeds look very similar, they are two separate breeds, having different sizes, shapes and temperaments. Mini lops are classified as a small breed as they weigh between 4 and 6.5 pounds, and live to be between 5 and 10 years of age.  Although they are playful and curious, typically they do not do well with loud noises and aggressive handling and therefore need to be supervised around small children. 

General Appearance:

Mini lops are known for their broad bodies, round heads and full cheeks. They have short, dense coats, muscular legs and shoulders, with long ears, rounded at the ends and lightly covered in fur. Minis come in many colours. We currently breed broken/solid orange, chestnut and black as well as chinchilla and a variety of steels. 


Mini lops are very charming and sociable bunnies. They are active, very playful, fun-loving and curious, making them an excellent pet. While their temperament is very sweet, it is nearly impossible to determine the personality of the bunny without knowing the personally of the parents as they are all so individual