Why Rabbits Make Great Pets:

Unknown to many people, rabbits make wonderful pets for all kinds of people, living in many different areas. Rabbits are quiet, easy and cheap to maintain and intelligent. Mini lops in particular love to be with you are are typically calm yet curious and playful. Due to their calm nature, mini lops are great pets for children as well as elderly individuals. With these qualities, mini lops are ideal pets for families, students and full-time workers, able to live in houses and apartments alike. 

- Good with Kids: If raised and bonded properly, mini lops are very calm and tolerant, making wonderful and trustworthy pets for your children. Even so, it is still recommended that small children be supervised with them as they will react if they are being hurt. 

- Intelligent: Mini lops are quite intelligent and can be trained in agility and jumping, providing fun and entertainment for the whole family. Rabbits can also be litter trained making them very easy to look after and clean. 

- Quiet: Although they may stomp or dig occasionally, for the most part rabbits are very quiet animals so you, your kids, and your neighbors won't be disturbed by excessive noise.


- Affectionate: If bonded with, rabbits will come to recognize their owners. Some rabbits will even follow their owners around the house as they love to be with you and relax with you. 

- Easy to Maintain: If litter trained, rabbits are extremely easy to maintain, saving you time and energy. While the litter training process can be time consuming, once litter trained they can be cleaned out in a matter of minutes. 

- Cost Effective: Compared to other animals, rabbit are quite cheap to maintain. Rabbits also do not need to be taken to the vet for routine shots and if they are kept inside and clean, do not need to worry about flees or mites.

- Low Maintenance: Unlike other pets, rabbits do not require and excessive amount of you energy to maintain. Rabbits do not need to be walked or fed twice a day making them ideal pets for individuals with busy schedules. Rabbits do need to be let out daily however, if litter trained they can roam freely around your home without creating a mess, or sit and relax with you.

It is important to remember that young rabbits, like all animals are balls of energy and definitely require time and patience in order to bond with their owners. Like all babies, they will most likely be full of mischief and will be looking to get into trouble but this is just a stage in their development. Mini lops in particular, once past the baby stage are quite calm and trusting. The more you handle your bunny in the baby stage, the more your bunny will trust you and be a loving pet.